RCS Data and Links to Catalogs

Median RCS values file

This file contains "median" RCS values from SSRs over the last several years for 17100+ objects that are currently in orbit. The third column of data is the number of "independent" RCS values found. (May 24, 2017) rcs.zip

"Switched objects" list

When I notice that the names or tles for two objects have been switched, I will add a comment to this page. (May 7, 2010)

The description of the IOD format

IOD Format

The Spacecom Satellite Situation Report

The Spacecom Satellite Situation Report is available from space-track.org.

Jonathan McDowell's Catalog

Jonathan McDowell has a satellite catalog on his Space Report Home Page
The link to his catalog is called "Satellite Catalog".

His catalog contains entries in the form (but with more information):

NCAT  Designation    Name                   Launch      Status           Reentry date
00001 57 Alpha 1     8K71A M1-10            1957 Oct  4 Reentered        1957 Dec  1
00002 57 Alpha 2     1-y ISZ                1957 Oct  4 Reentered        1958 Jan  4
00003 57 Beta 1      2-y ISZ/8K71A M1-11    1957 Nov  3 Reentered        1958 Apr 14
00004 58 Alpha       Explorer 1/RTV Motor   1958 Feb  1 Reentered        1970 Mar 31
00005 58 Beta 2      Vanguard I             1958 Mar 17 In Earth orbit

Leo Barhorst's RAE Catalog

Leo Barhorst has a copy of the RAE catalog as a number of "doc" files. It is on his Home Page